We cannot win the war but we can put up a good fight

Chronic illness is just what it says it is: Chronic.  For those of us who suffer with immune related illnesses we are never sure if tomorrow or the next day will come and let us go relatively unscathed or: Will I have a flare of my connective tissue disease?

Will my Igg infusions make me sick?   Will I get the flu and be on of those “statistical” people that ends up in the hospital?

Do I have a new symptom? Is it real?  Is it connected? Am I going bonkers??

This is our day, our life.

In order to go forward and not be stuck in the quagmire that is our health, we have to move ahead. On this website and in my book, I will point to ways to keep you moving ahead:

  1. Get educated about your illness.
  2. Become your own best advocate.
  3. Learn how to find the best doctors in your area and be vocal about your needs.
  4. Find support from others walking the same, lonely path.
  5. Learn ways to cope with family and friends who simply don’t understand where you are coming from.
  6. Let to fight, fight fight and live, live, live.