Home For Almost A Week…Pain Meds Have Got To Go!

Well, I have been back in my own reality for almost a week now.  I must say it has been good to hit re-entry and realize that I am needed here.  My family was pretty shell-shocked when I got back.  Both kids were a mess and my husband was doing the automaton shuffle.  I cannot leave them like that; and have no results.


(But Damn! I can cry over a broken dishwasher and a van without air conditioning because I spent it all at the effing Mayo!  WAAAAAHHHHH….)

So, I am the proud owner of a new thrush infection.  That seems to be the price I pay for any sort of steroid relief.  It sucks but I have to have a bit of steroid if I am ever going to get off of the pain pills, I think,

I have also found that diet, rest and staying relatively calm seem to help my side ache.  Today is the first day it has been bad since I returned and I am hoping yet to bring it to heel.  I am pretty sure it is bad because yesterday was Easter and I ate some dairy and some candy.  I also ate a little bit of ham, which was so salty I could almost not handle it.  It was bad/good.

I am trying to be extra clean in my diet with: no gluten exposure, very little dairy, no processed foods, and lower amounts of sugar, only a little meat and no coffee or sodas.

It seems to help. Basically, I can’t eat much.  My body cannot handle it.

I have been doing some reading about alternative pain control methods that I plan to discuss with my pain specialist tomorrow.  One of them is low dose naltrexone.  It is supposed to be an anti  opioid that can help the body deal with pain caused by autoimmune inflammation.  I have scanned several articles about it and spoken online to a lady whose doctor is prescribing the treatment.  I am hoping it is a way to get off of the pain meds I am taking now.  I believe they are squarely to blame for a lot of my gastric symptoms.

Basically, I was in pain so I was prescribed pain pills, which led to more pain, which have now led to damage.  It is a really bitter circle and it never ends but I mean to end it somehow.  I don’t think I have much of a choice.

I am interested in going back to acupuncture as well.  I have been in the past and have a wonderful  Chinese doctor who I trust implicitly.  My pain specialist is also trained in acupuncture so I will question him about this tomorrow as well.

The other thing I plan on is getting back to the pool.  I have to exercise.  Walking is fine but I need a bit more and the pool is the one place I like to go.  I have a gym membership and I plan to use it.  I guess I will pack my bag in the morning and go there straight from the doctor!

Well, we shall see where all these plans take me!

I will let you know)