Here we go ’round the billary tree….

In two days, less than 48 hours, I am going to have a procedure that I have been putting off for over a year.  I am having an ERCP done.

ERCP is where the gastro doc goes in and (this is in the absence of a gall bladder) pokes a hole in your Sphincter of Oddi muscle which is between the liver and pancreas on the biliary tree.

I am looking forward to this because there are little bastards living in my biliary tree.

They have knives and they poke them into me in different ways dependent on their moods.  Sometimes they just hang out in there and apply pressure to the whole area, sort of like a toothache.

Then, sometimes they let up on me entirely and I think they have left the building.

But, NO!  They are just planning an all out attack.  I eat and they all run to my poor forest of bile and start hacking away with knives, screws and whatever else they can find.

One of them, will actually put an arrow in me an pull it in and out, in and out.

I hate the little bastards.  I am hoping the ERCP is the right thing to do.  I have been warned that I could have the opposite result and end up in fiery pain and worse than I was before.


No choice now; those bastards have to go…

Watch out you little jerks…you are about to get exterminated!


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  1. I like the metaphor of the little bastards. What do they look like? And what does ERCP stand for again?

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