Pesach 2014

We did it!!!!! I managed to do an entire Passover seder and many parts meal .

I invited cool people we never get to see. Our friends have a daughter with special needs. She is the same age as Samuel but is very fragile due to severe Epilepsy and breathing issues. She is in and out of the hospital a lot and has to be watched all night to make sure her oxygen levels stay OK and that she does not start to have a seizure.

This little girl is so lucky. She has two beautiful moms. There are  nurses that are supposed to be professional who   are hired to come to their home at night to care for her so they can rest before going to work. They never stay on the job. It’s too scary..

So our friends, take turns not sleeping but standing over this beautiful child all night.

How do they do it?

I dont know.  You do what you have to do . I sit in ER so many nights.


They have four kids in college as well.

Grace in action is what I see.

I saw beauty watching their family tonight. I was so honored to have them at my table.

Shabbat Shalom indeed!