Some Doctors are just Assholes

I don’t really understand why some people study medicine and then practice it when it is clear they do not enjoy it.

Case in point: After several days treating a pancreatic flare at home, I decided I was just getting worse, so I came in to the ER at a good local hospital.  Usually this means they run some tests and I give them my paper work from the doctor I see in Dallas.

So, I got to the ER around 1:00 and was given a room straightaway.  I saw a very earnest PCP, so almost a doctor but not quite.  She took my paper work from Dallas, ordered blood and CT and X ray and she actually called Dr. Burdick in Dallas..

She was not keen to medicate me much but did work to get my pain under control.

Then all hell broke lose in the ER and I was left sitting there in pain for a good six hours.

I was told I would be admitted and I asked to please be given something for pain and nausea before going to my room because it had been so long.

Turns out, the PCP lady in ER had an out and out fight on my behalf  with the hospitalist who would be taking me to the floor.  The new lady did not want to give me iv fluids at all.  She also indicated that by the tests that I had had here,  I don’t have chronic pancreatitis.

That is why I bring all the paper work from Dr. Burdick and the images of my sick little pancreas.

New care provider hadn’t seen those and didn’t believe they were correct and did not want to hear what the other nurse care provider had said.

So, I went into detox. That means I sweat and feel shaky and horrible — along with the pain.

Then the hospitalist/MD dude who would be managing me came in. He also clarified that I do not have chronic pancreatitis based on their results.  I tried to explain and have him look at the Dallas reports and he told me they were all quite difficult and I probably didn’t understand them.

I lost my cool and explained I have as much post graduate education as he does and I can research, read, and I had a diagnosis from a flagship hospital and a top tier doctor.  I also mentioned I would be having pancreatic transplant as soon as I qualified.

Then  he proceeded to tell me it is dangerous surgery and I don’t really understand how bad it is.

I told him that I live with it every day so I know a lot about it and would be making my own decisions.

So, he told me he would give me about a quarter of the usual pain relief I normally have and that I would just have to deal with it.

When I got to the room I found out he had cut down many other of my regular meds. For instance, I can use Ativan three times a day if I need it.  He decided every 12 hours was good enough.

He took away my sleeping meds altogether.

This kind of behavior makes no sense to me.  Why would anyone go into a caring profession who does not care to listen, to read, and to become a part of a team that consists of patient, specialists and hospitalist?   I can tell you why.

It is a power trip.

And, although I have no proof of this; I believe, firmly, it is sexist and also anti Semitic.   I have gotten to the point where I no longer feel safe wearing my Star of David necklace.  But, I do put a religious preference in the box where they ask if you have one.  I have doctors and nurses that come in and say, “So, you are Jewish.. I had a neighbor once that was Jewish… maybe you know her.”

Sure.. whatever.

Or, “I used to work for a Jewish doctor; he was really great.”

But, those comments are from the ladies, the nurses.

When it comes to these floor chieftains, called hospitalists,  they are in charge of their domain.  They bang on their out stretched chests and tell you: this is how it is….

I have learned how and what I can do to deal with them but it does make the whole idea of going to a hospital that much more terrifying.

So, the next time, I went in and the doctor came into the room and said, “look, we know you, and we know you have no quantifiable data that let us make a good case to the admitting doctor (or insurance?) to admit you.

I then explain that my pancreas is too dead to show numbers at this point and I have paperwork to verify that, etc etc.

The doctor looked at me and said: I will medicate you this one last time.  You need to go to Dallas and check in to your specialists hospital if you want to be admitted.  It won’t happen here.

This whole scene is demoralizing and makes me feel I have done something wrong when I haven’t.

I have decided I would rather take every pill I have in the house rather than go to an ER.   It isn’t worth it.

So, no more horror stories of docs.

I don’t want to talk about it again.  It does not warrant the time I have given it here.

I have decided to only write here when I have more positive things to say.

I just decided I would finish this up and send it out as I started it at least six weeks ago.

Please give me feed back about your own experiences in hospital ER’s and with the stupid system of ER dr to hospitalist.


Life is beautiful….. you just have to look up and see it.