Grateful to have Covid?



OK: I obtained the antiviral, Paxlovid, quickly and felt bad for most of this past week.  Today is day zero as in I was exposed a week ago today.  I feel quite a bit better today.  I can’t believe I caught it from a doctor I invited to my house.  Irony is pretty much a bitch but she has a sense of humor!

I cannot say how thankful I am that I got this virus at this point.  I am four time vaccinated.  I got the antiviral medication.  The virus has become much less potent and we know much more about it.  I was still a bit nervous but nothing like the gripping fear that would have been the case even a year or a year and a half ago.

Did I want to get Covid?  Hell, no but I think it is almost inevitable at this point and thank goodness it is the summer and I am not working and it is all OK.

So, on that note I will shut up about Covid.

I do have something else on my mind but I will only mention in passing because it only pertains to this blog in the sense of mental health.  I think it is a drag not just on my mental health but on everyone’s at the moment.

Our state, Texas, is in the hands of facist meglomaniacs that wish to take away the rights of anyone who is not male, white, straight and wealthy.  These people have tentacles everywhere and have made inroads all the way to the Supreme Court, the Congress and the previous presidential travesty of an administration.  Things are getting scary and tense here.  Individual rights are being taken away, beginning with a woman’s right to choose.  Many young people no longer feel safe having children in this state. This is tragic and a brain drain on the state.

My family is directly effected and I am very down about all of this.  I am having a hard time pushing forward knowing things will most likely keep getting worse. I like to think hopefully but my husband keeps telling me the dye is cast and our federal gov’t will not hold together as a strong union much longer. Our country will split into red and blue states.  I think he is right.  Where to live? What does it mean?

I don’t know but I am searching for answers and I really wish I didn’t have the whole chronic health and doctors and specialists, etc, to factor in.  If anyone wants to comment on this… please do!