I think I swallowed a fly! I don’t know why!

How is that for an inane title?  What I really wanted to do here was upload an essay I wrote for my book project and get some feedback.  Apparently that is too difficult for my sad little computer skills.  Sad.

I have not swallowed a fly but it does taste like one.  I just ate a Lara bar because nothing sounded appetizing. It  was truly gross. My tongue feels like it is burned but it is like this all the time now.

So the week so far has been a bit of a bust.  My youngest, Samuel (14) and in 8th grade, has been really sick.  He is covered in poison ivy and has either mono or a rotten bug.  He is a mess and wants mommy.  I have been waiting on him and hauling him about to doctors.

I really don’t mind.  Actually, now that I have a kid in college, I realize how short our time really is.  On the other hand, I don’t want to spoil the kid to death or be one of those dreaded helicopter parents. But, in the balance of things, having your mommy care for you when you are young and sick is good thing.  I certainly miss my mommy when I am sick.

I am just counting down the days to Houston (Sunday) and surgery (Monday).  I just want this over with.  I finally feel better and I just don’t want to go through it again.

I don’t know.  The pain is there, quietly asserting itself.  Is it soreness?  Is it back?  Do I have a bug from Samuel?


At this point I don’t even care.  My body is a jerk.  It betrays me somehow every day.  I have decided to let my brain run the show.  As long as I can get up and get moving that is what is going to happen.

I don’t care if I swallow a few flies.  As long as I am not puking them up, we are moving forward!