Just Another Manic Monday: la la la

I am baaack from a week of not feeling well.  I plan to Carpe some Diems this week and enjoy life.

After all, fall has finally come to central Texas and the weather outside is beautiful.  All I have to do is look out my back door to see the beauty of the green and the sunshine.  This is what spring looks like in other parts of the world.  (The parts that have seasons).

So, should I go back and review for you what last week entailed?  Probably not. Let me summarize:

I felt like shit most of the week and couldn’t move. Everything hurt and I couldn’t wake up.  Finally, on Friday, I realized I had an infection and could do something about it.  I went in to the dr. and got meds for another bladder infection.

Unsurprisingly, the infection triggered the interstitial cystitis and made my entire lower half feel like it was ON FIRE.  I ended up going to ER for a second check and hopefully pain relief but alas, none was to be had.  Instead, I got a lecture on the use of evil narcotics.  Golly gee, Mr. Dr. Person, I have never heard ANY OF THAT ANYWHERE BEFORE.

I even got a list of pain management doctors in the area after I told him I have one.

Whatever. I found out the infection is better.  Good.  End of story.

I wonder how he would feel if his dick was on fire.

Nice visual there:)

Oh well, tra lala…

It is Monday and I plan to make it a fun day.  I am going to the grocery store and I plan to go MAD with groceries and stuff.  Wednesday I am having my house cleaned and that makes me insanely happy.

Life is good.


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  1. I hear ya! SUCH a bummer about the same old same old for you at the ER. There needs to be a big organized support system for immune system diseases. Maybe you could start that? I hope you have a good day all day. Thinking of you.

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