Itty bitty, dippy, whippy, baby steps….

Being a baby must be annoying.  I sure don’t like this whole baby step concept.  I am up and about a bit after a three day melt down of some kind.  I don’t know if it was surgery related or I have a bug.

I was so excited to wake up this morning not feeling like total poo poo that I made soup.  Yep, my husband had already done the hard part, the chicken and the broth, and I just completed it for tortilla soup.

And now I am exhausted.


I will get my son from school today; that is the main goal.  He gets pretty upset about his mom being so sick and I know he gets scared.  I need to be there at the end of his school day. My daughter is at a University 90 miles away so she gets to skip all of this..

We commute to a Charter School that is about 20 minutes away and picking him up is our usual ritual; my husband takes him in the morning.   It may seem small but it is actually a time for us to connect.

Raising children is complicated.

Chronic illness is complicated.

Marriage is complicated.

Ok, so everything is complicated!  What do you do about it?

You march on to the beat of your own drum.

My drum is not always in step with the rest of the band.  I mean, sometimes the little drummer girl in my head just turns off and I can’t do squat.

Little bitch.

OH well, I am wandering.

I am:

Thankful for sunshine.

Thankful for my husband.

Thankful for my kids.

Thankful for my pets…

There. That should get the little drummer girl going…(play bitch, play!)

Sorry for the profanity…



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  1. I hear you and will be small stepping with you a bit. You’re doing amazingly I think so soon after a major surgery.

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