UP, Up and Away!!!

I thought it might be a good idea if I blogged on a good day:)

The surgery blues have fled and I think I am better as a result of the procedure. That is all good! I do have to go back in for stent removal but I am filing that away until it happens.

Weight watchers and I are beginning yet again today.  I do not find that depressing at all.  It is a constant battle against the bulge for me, but whatever. All I can do is stick to the plan and eat healthy and hope for the best.

Now that I can eat normal (gluten free) food again, it is a hell of a lot easier to count the points!

I am hoping to get some work from the editing signs my boys pasted all over the UT campus yesterday.

So, basically I am boring.  When I am feeling good I think of so many things, so many places I want to go.  But then I remember Saturday.

Saturday I went all day and had a great dog walk, etc.  Sunday I awoke to inflamed joints and fatigue.

I made the choice to get up and out.

I make that choice every single day that I can.  I just can’t get ahead of myself.

I want to join a choir and attend temple services regularly.  For some reason those are big, big things at this point.  I guess it is because I have kiddos to take care of.  I miss my daughter (at University) and am surprised that my 14 year old son takes up all the time I spent on them together!

But, that is his nature.  I have to nurture his nature…

Oh well, today there is sun and I have washed the gray out of my hair.