Here We Go ‘Round The Merry Go “Round

I feel as though I am on the spin cycle in the washing machine.  Or maybe I am on a spinning carousel and it will never slow or stop long enough for me to get off of my horse.

My life is simply not cooperating with my intentions to have a semblance of normalcy.

I blogged here a week ago (blog is such an awkward verb… it sounds like a body function).

So, the stent was placed and in general things have gone along better than before.  This is good news.  I have been  waiting to hear from the big wigs in Houston so I can have a green light to move on to the next thing.

Then, day before yesterday, it all started to hurt again.

This resulted in calls to the gastro dr. here and culminated in an ER visit at the hospital where he practices.


They did not treat my pain.  They did not treat the anxiety attack I was having as a result of the whole mess.  It was a waste of time, money and energy.

The ER dr. refused to help me out with comfort care because he ‘doesn’t like dilaudid.’

You know, I thought the phrase was, “do no harm.”  The doctors at Scott and White at Round Rock have not gotten the memo.  Every time I am in that facility, I am treated as a crazy person because I have chronic pain.  Also, they cannot see my pancreatitis so even though my dr. went in and found sludge and a swollen bile duct, they say I don’t have it.


That again.

I am just done.  I hurt and I want help NOW.

Here I am, two days later, still sick but still alive. I cannot hold anything down but a few liquids.  But, thank God, my aunt has now clarified things for me.

She explained to me this morning that I create all of this with my mind and that the doctor only put the stent in so I would have something to think about.  Oh, and going to the Houston specialist is just a silly adventure.

That hurt.  I mean, I know she is old and mean and crazy but that was just uncalled for.  This from a woman who broke her hip and refused to do the rehab so now she cannot walk well and we are supposed to operate around that.

Sorry to be bitter.

Ya know… I am going to end this on that sad, minor note.  It was a bad, bad week all ’round.  My whole family was trading a virus back and forth, which turned out to be making things worse.

The End.

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  1. When it comes to pain relief I feel your pain. I’m sorry your aunt was so dismissive. I don’t approve.

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