Spring ist gespruengen…

Sorry for the Germanism there but it really does make more sense, doesn’t it?

I am trying to coast into the warmer, friendlier weather in a metaphysical way, “For lo the winter is past, and the rains are over and gone.” Song of Songs (Chapter 2, verse 11).

“Rise up, my fair one, and come away..”

I am trying to listen to the psalmist and put the dark winter and its pain and sorrows behind me in every way. But I am not naive’ enough to think chanting the psalms or holding my face to the sun will do the trick.

Something else is required.  What is it?  I want a magic formula.  I have to have one. Oh yeah, damn it; I am an adult and I know there really isn’t one.  Crap.

Does that mean I have to be a cynic too?  Hmmmmmm.

I think I choose to suspend disbelief; like in the movies.  For instance, we took the family to a small renaissance festival last weekend.   Almost everyone was in costume and it was very laid back and friendly.  I was sorry I can no longer swill mead with the best of ’em.

Anywhoo, there were people dressed as elves with nice pointy ears and I pointed out to my husband at one point, “look, there are quite a few elvish folk here.”

He said, “You know this is make believe, right?”

I replied, “No, it’s not. For today, while I am here, there are elves.”

We can make those kinds of choices.  I can choose to point myself towards the sunshine and chant with the Psalmist, “The rain is over and gone.”

I cannot get a head start on the next storm until it hits anyway.  So, in the meantime, if you see a chubby, middle aged woman meandering by the side of the road and looking at the flowers, that is me.

I am glad the spring is finally here.