More Up Beat: Please

Well, that last entry was a doozy, eh?  I feel as though I should redeem myself a bit.  But, then again, that is what a blog is for, isn’t it? Honesty?

That is the only way I know how to write.  I have been thinking lately I should try my hand at fiction.  I need to do something else with my brain;  besides dwell in my own pain.

That is not what I mean to do here at all.

I mean to traffic in hope here.

So, here is my idea for a fiction piece.  Warning: It is in the fantasy genre’ since that is what I enjoy the most.

I am working on something that has to do the domestic animals and how they act as intermediaries  between the human world and the world of the fey (faeries).  In other words, humans are sort of deaf and dumb to what is really happening around them.  Children, it turns out, are more tuned in.  Some people, however, can hear the or decipher what is going on past their childhoods.  It is sort of the opposite of Dr. Doolittle.  The animals have been talking all along and negotiating truces on our behalf.  There is a delicate balance, a war of sorts, and our domestic ‘pets’ are what keep it all in place.


That’s me!

I just have to get ‘er done.

I am happy to entertain ideas and comments.  I have started it but so far dislike the voice of the narrator.

But, getting back to the business at hand: I have been back in the hospital, both in Austin and in Houston.  It seems to never end.  Yet, it seems that it will all end sometime soon.

I don’t know what to say or think as I go forward.  I think I am learning that if I don’t live one day at a time; I don’t get to live at all.

I have another procedure right down the road.  I have more questions that need to be answered.  My body will never have a stasis point from which I can count on it to just “be.”

These are the facts.  And I cannot make peace with them on a broad basis.  I want to declare war: constant, unrelenting war.  But I have learned that in order to ready for the next battle, I have to gently ride each wave of relative peace and calm.

And so the Up Beat.  And the Fiction.

Godspeed, Friends.