The Cat’s On The Table And Hoping to Spoon… Little Boy Blue And I Hope To Get Mooned..

That is a totally random title.  I only wrote it because as usual, the cat is on the table, helping me work.

The only true tidbit is ‘little boy blue.’  I have been doing a lot of thinking of late about the nature of public education in reference to my son.  I am wondering if I have what it takes to home school him.  I know I have what it takes in the academic way.  But do I have what it takes in the energy department?

Hell, I don’t even know if it is the right thing to do?  Just thinking….

Well, I made a very reluctant ER trip this week.

My side is achy again.  I am having pain in the old spot.  It got really, really bad on Tuesday night and I folded.  Between no sleep for nights on end and pain, I just couldn’t take it.

Sort of odd, I keep having a low bilirubin count.  They also found an ‘artefact’ on my CT scan.  It could be an air pocket in my biliary tree area.  Or, it could be sludge….

I vote for sludge, just because it’s me!

I have a great, new idea though.  I have decided to tell the specialist when I see him on Monday that I have figured out a permanent fix for my crooked bile duct….

Put in a straight PVC pipe!

Or, rubber.  Or, metal… Or whatever.  Just bypass the crooked one that is in there.

It stands to reason, to me at least, that I am having this trouble because the biliary duct is “S” shaped instead of straight.  I mean, we know that now.

It would also stand to reason that I feel better when the stents are in because the stupid-assed thing can drain then, right?


I realize I am not a doctor and therefore know nothing.  But, crap… it IS my body after all.

Last time I saw the specialist and asked him why I improved with the stents in there, he said, “it could be psychosomatic.”

I wanted to do him physical harm at that point.

He is a nice person so I didn’t.  Besides, I am sure he is faster than me.

So, Monday we meet again and I have questions.  Lots and Lots of questions….

I am sure he is sick and tired of me.  I don’t blame him a bit on that one.  I am sick and tired of me too.

But, my baby girl is coming home from college this weekend and I just infused my go go juice (igg) so I am going to have a good weekend.

Monday will get here soon enough!

To one and all I say, “Shabbat Shalom.”

Peaceful Sabbath.