Fun Updates From The Front

How are all of you out there in blog land? Blog-o-sphere?

It is the end of another school year and those of us involved with students and the cycle of semesters are running towards the finish line, or limping, if you are like me.

I stopped teaching as an adjunct (where I was for almost 15 years) about three years ago due to my crappy health and have really missed it. But, with having a kid in college and another still in school it seems like I have been pretty plugged in.

Well, this past October changed everything in that regard. I started home schooling my ninth grader. It has been an incredible learning experience. I now know way more about high school curriculum than I have in many years. I have learned lots of science, because that is his main interest and we participate in an incredible home school science group, where he competes both in Science Olympiad and Science Bowl. This means he is practicing and competing through out the school year.

It has also been exhausting.

The last couple of weeks I have been back at my old tricks, grading college composition papers, for a professor who had her baby a bit earlier than planned. My old department called and asked if I could pick up some of the work. I was happy to do it. It felt good to be back in the swing of it, mentally. And, I am always happy for any little paycheck since disability is not much money, at all.

With all of that happening, my aunt needing me every time I turn around and my daughter calling, it seems like enough.

But, no. Life doesn’t work that way, does it?

It turns out my gastric pain is back in full force. I can’t eat without being in significant pain. I haven’t had my liver enzymes checked since they went wild a few weeks ago because I frankly just gave up.
But, Friday I saw a Hepatologist from the medical school in Dallas. He comes to the Austin area once a month and I was able to see him. He had some new ideas! He does not think I have cancer or hepatitis or anything like that. He thinks I have a biliary stone, which has been looked for already, that is flipped inside one of my oddly shaped ducts and invisible to the MRI and even to the limited surgeries I have had with scopes. In other words, he thinks I probably need major, exploratory surgery to get it out.

This is good and bad.

He believes it explains the off and on again nature of my problem and why it has not been solved. So, he is researching all of my files and talking with my gastroenterologist to see what he can piece together. In the meantime, he told me the horrid pain and high liver enzymes will happen again. I am a sitting duck.

It isn’t a good feeling.

I want to go on vacation in a few weeks and I don’t want to be ruled by this. It’s pissing me off!

It’s crazy. But, I am trying to be optimistic that there is path ahead that may lead to a resolution. I guess I have to follow it and hope for the best.

In the meantime, I will keep pushing my teenage student to the end of his yearly studies, and grading those papers. Oh, and driving my aunt all over the place!

Carpe Diem: and Liver Duct e’ Puke’em.

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  1. I am so happy that you finally talked to a doctor who has new ideas! Yay! Since he thinks you are a sitting duck waiting for this to happen again and be in pain, was he able to help figure out a way to manage that pain, better than some of those doctors have been with you in the past? I know it’s been a real pain, pardon the pun, Ha ha ha, getting doctors understand what you feel. Even though I know you don’t want to have exploratory surgery I am pleased that there is someone who is being thoughtful about your case and wanting to go back and look at files and things. I am smiling now in your honor.

    1. Well, thanks. No one treats pain but the pain doctor. It is a hot potato sort of thing. Oddly enough, my pain doc is suddenly retiring. I am seeing him for the last time tomorrow. I do have a new guy lined up for Friday. I have no idea what new wonders that situation will begat. You have to sign a contract with them and get urine tested and goddess-knows-what. I am hopeful that if the pain in the side thing gets resolved, I can go off of the hard stuff and get on something less evil. Thank you much for your smiles:) You are an angel to always comment on my blog. I want to talk to you about Amy World!

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