Life on Fast Forward

Life is more and more on fast forward as we age.

It is all around us and in us and spins faster and faster.

It swirls in us, around us and if necessary, without us.

I am always running to catch it up.

I am not wearing the right shoes.

I am breathless.

Why is this happening?

Isn’t there some sort of ‘it gets easier’ clause in the contract of life?

Right, no.

I know the answer to that.

Climbing the hills gets a bit harder but I do know which hills are worth climbing and which just.. aren’t .  That, in itself, is a bit of comfort.

No guarantees. No safety nets.

There never were any.  Nothing changes.

But I am very thankful for the people running the race with me. If it weren’t for them I might have given up already.

Community,love, partnership, those are the things that boost my next spurt of energy.

Even when I can’t believe we turned a corner and we are back at the same exact spot.

Oh, and I can’t forget the Creator. She holds me up on her shoulders through it all.  I just forget to look down and see that I am not starting on the ground.