Here Today: Tomorrow To Mayo…

I have almost made it.  Tomorrow I fly to Florida.  I see the doctors with the GI team on Wednesday afternoon.  Lord, please get me through this last little bit.  I am falling apart.

I itch and I hurt and the nausea is back in full force.  I guess this all means that the prednisone was helping.  What am I going to do if they put me back on it?  I am full of thrush and I can’t sleep.

If I take very much I have panic attacks.  Great.  It is one evil or the other.

I sort of hope they hospitalize me.  I realize that is highly unlikely.  Medicine does not work that way in the U. S.  You have to be mostly dead first.  But, since my cousin will be with me I would rather be admitted and given pain meds and tested all at once.  We’ll see.

I just need to get through tonight and the flight out there tomorrow right now.  One hour at a time is all I can do……

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  1. Katie,
    I’ve been praying daily for you (and your family) to be able to get through this, find answers and solutions, and to take away the physical pain from this ordeal – but I must admit that you just seem to be having a harder time everyday, and I’m losing faith in the power of prayer. Nothing helped Amandio, and it just seemed like it was bad luck, not necessarily poor doctors or treatment. But I will keep on praying, especially now that you are returning to Mayo. So with that in mind, here are tons of prayers and good wishes for a safe journey and a successful visit with knowledgable doctors who can communicate in a positive way.
    Lots of love, Michele

  2. Every day medicine knows more and Mayo is the best – I’m excited that you’re there! XXOOXO

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