Reporting LIVE From Mayo Florida!

Hello News Hounds and welcome to the whiney channel.  We bring you all the news that is unfit to print.

After an exhausting day of navigating the nations’ crowded airways yesterday, our supreme Whiner, Katie, made it to her destination.

There were several screw ups along the way.  The big one came at the end of the day when Whiney Girl was very tired.  Her reserved ride did not show up at the airport.  Apparently he got his signals crossed and went to the Mayo for the pick up and not the airport.  Finally, however, someone from the driving service showed up.

Once checked in, Whine-a-Reimer busted tail to the cafeteria to buy something to eat for the evening before they rolled up the sidewalks.

Back in her room, she collapsed in a sweaty heap of nausea, pain and yes, flatulence.  She is not exactly the kind of woman you would take on a date!

The night was spent unloading, bathing and sleeping poorly.  So, really, nothing unusual.

As of right now, Whiney is doing her sub q infusion and waiting on her cousin to arrive. Food has no attraction whatsoever and has not been attempted.  The body of Whiney Girl is not feeling well at all.  In fact, at this point, she is planning to beg the doctor for an entirely new one.

So, that is all the news we have for now: LIVE From Mayo Florida!  Updates about Whiney Woman will follow soon.

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  1. Come on – you’re not whiney girl…you’re actually pretty tough. And this blog was super high up on a Google search! Maybe you’ll get famous! Best luck – hope you get a curious team of brilliant and handsome doctors. Sending love.

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