Mayo Update 3/18/13

Hurry up and wait: that is the mantra for this visit to Mayo.  The GI doctor I was sent to see must be great and wonderful, like Oz.  He only has time to see patients in clinic once a week, on Wednesdays.  It would have been so nice if the staff had just told me that.

Well,I had the MRI he ordered on Friday.  It was like no other MRI I have ever had.  It took ninety minutes and involved a dye that was entirely new to me.  Of course, oddball freakazoid that I am, I had an allergic reaction to it.  But, we completed the scan.  So, today, Monday, I went up to the GI department to see if Dr. Big Wig could see me sooner than Wednesday:   NO GO.  Wednesday is his only day in the office.  So my cousin and I tried to emphasize to the GI staff that my symptoms are worse, much worse. All they could offer was a return trip to the ER.

So, to make a long and sordid story shorter, that is where we went.

While spending the morning in ER, the nice doctor there told me he had spoken with the GI team and that my MRI showed an atrophic pancreas.  So, that means my pancreas is in deep doo doo.

We have both (Kay and I ) been reading up on it like crazy, but we won’t know much else until Wednesday.

Meanwhile I am in hideous pain and waiting.

This is hell.