Flare Scare

This is just a quick note as I am about to leave and go haul kids around all afternoon.

I seem to be having a flare.  ” What is a flare?” you ask.  A flare is when my body starts attacking itself.  My autoimmune system starts going wacky. One of the biggest signs is that I have incredible itching.  My itching is usually confined to my arms.  Last night it was so bad that I could not sleep.  I took enough benedryl to kill a horse but it did not help at all.  The only relief I got was from wet rags draped over my arms.  Cortisone creams (prescription strength) are also ineffective.

The only thing that helps keep me from going entirely crazy is the knowledge that I am not alone.  All of the sites I read where there are others like me; with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, everyone talks about ‘the itchies.’  The itchies are a bit different for each of us but they are always incurable it seems and they come and go.  I have noticed they are at their worst when some other part of me is not working too well.

For instance, I am having indigestion from HELL.  When I try to take my vitamins and other medications, it hurts.  The pain in my chest and back is excruciating.  Also, the fatigue and the aches are back.

My personal opinion is that all of this stuff is back in full force because I cannot take my igg infusion right now.  In other words, IT IS ALL RELATED.

I am praying that the dr. I plan to see in Houston in June will really ‘get’ the inter relationships of it all and can help me put more puzzle pieces together.

I desperately need that help.

Ok, onward through the fog….