Man Made Crisis

I have learned from the online CVID (Common Variable Immuno Deficiency) group that my problems are far from unique.  In fact, I am quite lucky.  My body has not suffered the level of trauma that many with this awful disease have.

However, going from one crisis to the next, seems to be par for the course.  This week, my crisis O’ the week has unfortunately been helped along by poor doctoring.

I have been having back pain for ages.  Really, ages and ages.  It started in my twenties and I am now in my late forties.  I used to see a chiropractor.  Over the last few years of chronic illness it has sort of been background noise, if you know what I mean.

“Ack, I hurt on my tail and my hip, who knows what that is?”

It was just one more hurt. I figured when it got bad that it was my kidney or something. Long story short, this week I went to see the neurologist, pain management doctor.  He decided, and probably correctly, that my back is suffering from some degenerative disk problems.  So, without any warning, he came at me with a syringe full of Kenalog (a cortisone product). He started injecting it in my back near my hiney where I have all the sore spots.  He was very self assured and said it would take the pain away.


No, it has spread and worsened.  I have had no sleep due to the steroid and the pain,which has now moved up my back.

Angry much? Yes, I am.  I called his office yesterday and he wasn’t in.  “Lay on a heating pad.”  Rrrright… trying to work here!

“Call back if no better tomorrow because he will be in the office for two hours.”

Well Shit. I don’t want to go in when it is convenient for him.  I don’t even know if I trust him at this point,  I would have been much better off if he had just left me the hell alone.

I feel violated.  What to do?  Fake it?  I want to see my son’s guitar concert today.  I don’t want to run after doctors.  However, it is almost a guarantee that if I don’t address this, I will end up in the hospital.

Next time a doctor comes at me with a needle (oh, and no alcohol swipes!) I WILL RUN.