What a difference a drug can make.

I finally was able to infuse my igg medicine last night.  I feel better.  It is like getting a giant shot of espresso.

The shit I have gone through these last two weeks to get the medicine is just unbelievable.  I feel violated.  I know I need to backtrack and alert the authorities to the gross medical negligence of the pharmacy that handled my order but I don’t even know where to begin.  They messed up by:

1. Not verifying with my insurance in time to continue my treatment.

2. I did all of the leg work to get the insurance verification and then found out there was never an issue there.  My diagnosis code means I will always be approved for this medication.

3. After approval they told me I would get my medication but then changed their minds and decided they didn’t have any in stock but didn’t call me back.  I called them.

4. I spoke with the national rep. for the pharmacy company every day for two weeks.

5. I was told the medicine would be delivered on Saturday and no one came or called.  On Monday nothing again.

6.  On Tuesday I was told, “we may or may not get a shipment of your medication.”  Then, later..” we got it and are having a courier deliver it to your house at 7:30 this evening.”

7.  It never showed up.  I waited up and took my pre-meds so I could infuse but nothing ever came.

8. On Wednesday I called the national office and they tried to find out the problem.  They were told I called and said, “my meds got here.” That was an outright lie.

9. My husband called the local office for me because I was too worn out to deal with them anymore.  He was told it was sent UPS.  He came home and waited for the delivery and had to work from home.  I had another doctor’s appointment.

10.  The shipment arrived with all of the ice bags melted and the wrong needles.  I used it anyway.

I feel better today and want desperately to put this behind me.  Yet, I am so afraid of next time.  I am also afraid of what happens to other people who cannot speak up for themselves.  What happens to them?

Where do I go?  Who do I tell?

I have to keep going with this.  My conscience won’t let it rest.


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  1. Katie, do you have a choice of pharmacies? If so, you might want to ask around and see if there is one that can provide better (any) service.

    Your insurance company might have someone who can help. If you think they are the problem, you could try talking to someone at the Texas Department of Insurance.

    I’m not sure if there’s anything in the Affordable Care Act that can help you, but you could try going to health.gov to check it out.

    Best of luck to you, and prayers for continued healing and strength.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I did get the name and number of someone at the Texas dept. of insurance. I also asked my dr’s office about switching companies. They seemed to think that all the companies suck.
      I just feel beaten down by it at the moment.
      I also think that now that my immuno/rheumy is in Houston (she is a better dr) there are a lot of ways communication between us it not great.
      On a better note, I have a new internist here in town who is great and is willing to be a clearing house for me with all the other doctors. I worked hard to get in with her and was the first new patient through the door in two years.

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