Getting my go go goo

Well, I haven’t posted yet this week and I am sort of stuck here right now.  I am infusing and I’m too lazy to get up and move.  It could be because I take a boat load of benedryl to prevent reactions…

I am kinda woozy.

Things are generally ok this week.  I have been frustrated with my level of all over aches and pains and fatigue.  I have been pushing myself to walk further and further but I don’t think that is the reason.

I think it is medication based.  I am either getting too much of something or not enough of my go go goo.  Let me be clear: the go go goo is what I am infusing, the Igg drug.  I am on a relatively small dose.  This has to do with the fact that I have a history of major reactions.  My dr. is not willing to push the envelope.  I think maybe I am willing.  I want to feel NORMAL.

Maybe that is way too much to ask.

I just want to have a period of time where I don’t feel like a truck hit me by the afternoon.  The problem with multiple chronic illnesses is: Which disease process is causing the symptom or symptoms?

It is very hard to know.

In better news today I saw my urologist.  She is amazing.  She is actually like a urologist/cheer leader.  Her demeanor is always really bright and she is overflowing with empathy.  Today she said, “You have beautiful urine, honey!”

I told her that was a first for me.  No one has ever said that to me before.  I need to remember that for a compliment to give people, “You have beautiful urine, honey!” Never mind.  I don’t want to look at their urine, do I?

Yesterday I had to take my 14 year old son for his physical.  That was interesting.  Guys have to have their ummmm…. stuff checked at that age.  AWKWARD.

OH well.  I stepped out and “bam” it was done. Poor little dude.

So, these are the ponderings of the final frontier.  Whose mission it is to seek out new life.  To go where no one should ever go.  To babble, incoherently.

Ok, I’ll stop.