A Couple of Poems


Sleep is elusive.

It is a sneaky lover that only comes to visit unannounced.

Lately, sleep has crawled into my bed early and left early, leaving me gasping in the moonlight.

I always want more.

Every time I think I can control it, with pills or routines or mugs of nasty tasting tea, Sleep laughs in my face and tells me “No.  You can’t do anything to me.  I own you and you know it.”

It’s true.  I am the abused lover here.  On the days after a night time beating, I struggle through.

With my blackened eyes and swollen face and shuffling steps, I lie.

Can there be a truce here, or, better yet, a divorce?

I don’t really know.  I think that would require third party arbitration.

I don’t think they have lawyers for this; just psychiatrists.


II. Okay, Ya Got Me

Okay, ya got me. I am down on the mat.

The ref is counting, “1,2,3,4…..

Aaaaaaand she’s out of the game”

It’s ok.

I knew it was coming.

What will tomorrow bring?

Will I pop back up, boxing gloves on?

Or will I stumble back into the ring, with the coach, slapping my face to wake me up and get moving?

No amount of money, no bets or amphetamines can tell the story.

If it wasn’t always up in the air, it wouldn’t be me!

But hey, I wouldn’t bet against me , either!


One Reply to “A Couple of Poems”

  1. I like this elusive sleep mean lover poem
    a lot. Well said! I think like with many problems maybe the true cure is acceptance – your body won’t let you all the way down. It’s still walking and talking you around. Maybe if you submit to its new patterns it’ll submit to your pleas for peace. Or maybe you could murder the lover? At any rate I’m here to hear and support.

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