Up and Down and All Around…

I think life is truly a merry-go-round.  It is also what we make of it.  For me, things are the same or, if you want to frame it a certain way, worse.

My liver area hurts still.  My aunt nearly killed herself with booze and God-knows-what last week and my husband and I are her care-givers.  She is 79 and a mess with cardiac failure that will get her sooner rather than later.  She has a great deal of depression and has not wanted to be around since my mother, her sister, died four years ago.

I feel battle worn and weary in that department. We have lost so may ‘grandmas’ the last few years, and participated in everyone’s care, when no one else wanted to do the dirty work.  I am just flat.

Of course I love her and don’t want her to die.

My son’s depression is off the charts and we had an emergency call to the psychiatrist this weekend.

On and on and on and…on.

But, good news! I am cooking on my fiction piece and that is changing everything.  I figured something out: when I used to write a lot of fiction, I used it as an escape.


So, I am doing that again.  It is a healthy obsession.  I have to let my mind go and just write and riff, and do research!

I loves it!

So, watch out world:) Teen fantasy fiction award coming up and ……