New Beginnings

I am really excited.  I have been working hard to revamp my medical team.  Frankly it is hard work and it feels pretty risky.  But, it is work that has to be done in order to keep moving forward; and forward is the only acceptable way to go.

So, I have a new Immunologist. He is young and earnest and I think he will be fine.  He is much, much, closer to home and I think that will make life easier.

I have decided to quit running from gastro doc to gastro doc and just stick to the one who seems the most helpful.  He has been referring me out to all of these other doctors and I appreciate that but I think I am done traveling to Houston for surgeries. And I am proceeding with a compounded drug that should help my digestive tract out tremendously.  I have my intestines crossed, at any rate.

I am also seeing a general surgeon about the possibility of having my stomach wall surgically numbed.  Who knows?  Maybe that will do the trick?  I think it is a weird idea since the pain is on the opposite side from my stomach, but what the hell?

And, on a more personal note (how can this blog get more personal?) I have a new shrink lady.

I had to do that because my lady quit her practice and I found out that she subsequently died.  So, seeing her is no longer and option… at least not on the physical plane. Or, as my dad would always quip when learning of a death, “Was it serious?”

I imagine it was.  I was shocked and saddened to find this out from the new shrink lady.

So, the new lady has tons of new and wonderful ideas for me.  She affirmed what I suspected; my former and now deceased shrink lady had me WAY OVER MEDICATED!

Good to know…

Also, this new woman is smart… very smart.  I like her a lot and think she is going to help me get my neurotransmitters firing on more pistons than they have been lately.  That is good news.  I thought maybe they were permanently misfiring. Truly.

And, I think I am doing better in general these days.  I have had fewer bed bound days of late. Why is this?

I don’t know.

I hate to even write it for fear I might jinx it somehow.

What I do know is that I am done with the E fucking R.

My insurance company has called and upbraided my internist about my ER trips and she in turn upbraided me.  I think that is a breach of confidentiality.

It made me very angry.

But, no way to deal with it but to move ahead: Upwards and Onwards as the late Jeremy Brett (best Sherlock Holmes ever) would say.

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  1. Great news Katie! You have been on my mind so much lately… And that is so very odd about Dr. F! Please fill me in – I looked for info online and could not find anything. But you SOUND good and I can tell you are feeling more optimistic. Good for you! I will call you this week. This was a great blog entry – your writing is getting very clear and really nice to read. Keep it up. Love and hugs, Amy

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