Morbid 19?

I find the whole Coronavirus scare interesting.  I really don’t know how to react.

I know I should be a bit freaked out but I really don’t feel that way.  For one thing, I know that my infusions keep me pretty healthy.  For another, I know if I am going to get exposed and die from this nasty virus, there isn’t much I can do about it.

I don’t mean to sound  morbid and I don’t plan on running around in crowded places touching as many surfaces as possible and then rubbing my face.

I just mean we take precautions, we do what we can, and then we sit and wait.

I have been on a ventilator before.  I don’t want to do that again.  It was awful.  I remember bits and pieces of it.  I definitely remember the day they took the damned thing out. It was horrible.

But, I probably won’t be one of those so unfortunate souls.

I am very touched by my husband and my daughter’s concern for me.  My husband brought the whole thing up way before I even verbalized anything about taking precautions.  He was irritated that someone at his job who was young and unthinking announced, ” I don’t see what everyone is so worried about.  The only people that die from it are the elderly and the immunocompromised.”

My husband jumped right on that and said, “Great. That happens to include my wife.”

Usually he down plays these things so I wasn’t expecting that.

After that conversation, or the next day, I came down with a virus that could have been flu.

Because I felt so crappy my family insisted I go to the closest ER.  I got checked out and was told my white cells (the ones that indicate the immune system is trying to stop something) was active (yeah me!) but they didn’t take a flu test!

I went to the dr. two days later and tested negative for flu but I had a nasty virus.   I missed a week of work and I hate missing my paycheck.

So now, here I am back at work and not doing much but hiding in my office.  Next week is spring break.

Who knows what will happen after that?

I would be a liar if I didn’t say I hope we have to work from home after the break.

This is crazy for everyone!  It isn’t just me!

Lots and lots of folks are scared.  It is the ultimate unknown.  No one can help but think of the Spanish Flu of 1919 to 1920.  I mean it was exactly 100 years ago.  My grandmother, who was a teen, lived through it.

She lived through all kinds of things in her life.  The Spanish Flu was just the beginning.

I guess I am saying that all kinds of people live through all kinds of things.  I don’t live in Syria.  My home hasn’t been bombed out of existence.

I don’t live in Haiti, where life is often very short and very difficult.

I don’t live on the streets in Austin, TX.  No, I have a house and two cars and lots of everything I could possibly need.

Even if I do have to isolate and stay home for a while, I may get a case of cabin fever but I am sure I will survive it.

I just have a hard time feeling like this is a life and death thing for me.  I think too many other lives are at stake for thousands of other reasons every day.

As I said, I don’t want to court danger in a stupid way, but I also refuse to become crazed with panic.

What are your thoughts?

Should people in my situation do more to protect themselves?  Should we not wait on the government to tell us what to do?

I don’t know.  I guess we will see as this unfolds.