Back on my Igg!

Hi, sorry it has been a while.  I have been feeling too sick and too damned depressed to write.  It is like the well dried up and I have not had anything to say.  I have written a few essays but they are sad affairs.

After being off of my igg replacement therapy since the end of April, I finally got the go ahead to infuse yesterday. My new dr. wanted me to wait until my igg levels dipped low enough that she could prove to insurance or prove to herself (not sure) that I needed the therapy. After ten weeks of feeling like utter shit and having three infections, I won the low igg levels lottery.

I still had supplies on hand from before and the nurse said it was ok to go ahead and do my subcutaneous infusion.  I got so excited that I forgot to premedicate  myself with benedryl and tylenol.

The infusion was rough.  I reacted more than I had previously.  I was awake all night with pins and needles in every part of my body, pain and nausea.  So far this morning, I am better.  This medicine is such  a catch 22 for me.  It makes me well but the side effects are horrendous.  I just  wish I could find the perfect combo: pre meds, igg replacement brand and delivery (IV or Sub Q ) and lower the reactions. Oh well, it is a new day. 

I shall go forth and conquer!